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Date : October 16, 2014
N. Korea circulates its own draft U.N. resolution on human rights
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North Korea circulated its own draft resolution on the country's human rights record at the United Nations on Wednesday in an effort to counter a separate proposal aimed at punishing the regime for its rights violations, diplomatic sources said.

Officials of the North's mission to the United Nations showed the draft resolution to some 60 diplomats invited from U.N. member states during a closed-door meeting at the U.N. headquarters earlier in the day, the sources said.

In the text, the North reportedly claimed it is making a lot of efforts to improve its human rights situation, including its signing of the Optional Protocol to Convention on the Rights of the Child aimed at ending child trafficking and prostitution.

It also said in the text the issue of human rights should not be abused for political purposes.

The move is aimed at countering another resolution written by the European Union, which calls for referring North Korea's human rights abuses to the International Criminal Court in line with a report from the U.N. Commission of Inquiry.

But Pyongyang has bristled at any talk of its human rights conditions, calling it a U.S.-led attempt to topple its regime. Last month, the North released its own human rights report, claiming the country has the world's most advantageous human rights system and policies.

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