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Date : October 17, 2014
Defectors call NK rights draft 'lies, hypocrisy'
   http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2014/10/485_166429.html [892]
In February of this year, the U.N. Commission Of Inquiry released a report detailing the North Korean government's numerous human rights violations against its citizens.

In response to the report, North Korean diplomats circulated a draft U.N. resolution advocating its human rights, and claiming that it does not violate the rights of its citizens.

North Korean defectors now living in the South speculated that North Korea drafted the resolution in order to prevent the United Nations from accusing its leader Kim Jong-un of committing crimes against humanity. They also stated that the draft resolution is a false representation of life inside the Hermit Kingdom.

But despite the dishonesty of the draft resolution, the North Korean people still have a way to learn the truth about their country and its leaders, according to Kim Seong-min, the founder of Free North Korea Radio. 

"North Korea has been trying to block its people from realizing that its leaders are full of lies and hypocrisy," he said. 

"However, those people can still learn the truth by listening to news from the outside world or by reading leaflets flown from South Korea."


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