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Date : October 15, 2014
North Korea Mentions Its Labor Camps
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For the first time, a North Korean official publicly acknowledged the existence of his country's "reform through labor" camps. This mention appeared to come in response to a highly critical U.N. human rights report earlier this year.

Diplomats for North Korea also stated on the 7th, October, that top officials had visited the headquarters of the European Union and expressed interest in dialogue, with discussions on human rights expected next year. An EU official confirmed a recent North Korea meeting with the EU's top human rights official, but said any dialogue currently planned is limited to rights issues.

The U.N. human rights report put North Korea on the defensive. Its public acknowledgement of the reform camps, and its overture to the EU rights chief, were signs that the country now realizes the discussion of its human rights record won't fade away.

SOURCE: Associated Press

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