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Chosun Ilbo 
Chosun Ilbo's North Korea section delivers fresh news on current issues of North Korea and updates any new issues daily.
Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights 
The Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights endeavors to protect the lives and human rights of North Koreans in a spirit of brotherhood, to bridge the gap and reconcile the division between the people, and support the reunification of the two Koreas.
Daily NK 
Daily NK sees the people of North Korea as separate from their regime, and dreams of going forward with them to a time of peaceful unification based on democracy and the realization of human rights, a vehicle for mutual prosperity in Northeast Asia.
Database Center for North Korean Human Rights 
NKDB investigates and records cases of human rights abuses in North Korea. It also provides protection and support to victims and works to prevent further human rights violations.
Korea Institute for National Unification 
As the hub of research on North Korea and unification and a locus for the international network on Korean Peninsula issues, the Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU) plays a leading role in laying the foundations for a peaceful settlement and reaching national consensus.
Ministry of Unification 
Its goal is to establish peace on the Korean peninsula and, ultimately, achieve a peaceful unification of North and South Korea by advancing inter-Korean relations based on mutual benefits and common prosperity.
Yonhap News 
Yonhap dispatches news and information to international media organizations in foreign languages to help the international community access clear and accurate information on the Korean Peninsula.
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