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Date : January 27, 2015
North Korea Executes People for Watching South Korean dramas
   http://nk.chosun.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=160556 [721]

Recently it has been tentatively suggested that the North Korean residents were publicly executed by firing squad for watching South Korean Dramas.

The North Korean news agency, ‘New focus’ reported on January 19th that “The Korean wave, also know as Hallyu, appears to be sweeping North Korea. A number of North Korean have already watched or are aware of Korean drama, even though all television and media is under strict state control.”

One defector who is from Musan, North Korea in 2008 stated that "Despite the North Korean government’s efforts to stop its citizens watching Korean dramas and learning about life outside their borders, banned foreign shows and korean dramas are commonly shared on USB sticks and have been gaining popularity in recent years.“

Meanwhile, it was reported that recently people who carry South Korean dramas have been publicly executed by firing squad.

The source from Yanggang-do told “The one who publicly executed by firing squad on January 15th was trying to cross the border to chinese towns to get memory sticks of pirated versions of South Korean dramas.”

[Source: NK chosun]

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