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Date : January 26, 2015
Party Cadre Arrested for Slip of the Tongue
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Party Cadre Arrested for Slip of the Tongue

A provincial Party secretary from a state-run enterprise in North Hamkyung Province was arrested by the local unit of the State Security Department [SSD] late last year for remarks he made after a year-end lecture, the Daily NK has learned.

“The secretary who was hosting the year-end workers’ lecture at the Musan Mine was arrested by the SSD,” a source in the province told the Daily NK on Tuesday. “After the lecture he is said to have complained about the teaching material, saying it was all ‘a lie.’”

The year-end teaching materials included a report on “Results in various fields produced from Kim Jong Eun’s guidance this year (2014) and goals for next year,” handed down from the Central Party’s Propaganda and Agitation Department.

“Material on improving the livelihoods of people is handed out each year, but Party cadres have complained about it because of how far-fetched it is from reality,” the source explained. 

“It's the first time a provincial party secretary at an enterprise has been arrested on site like this,” she went on. “There is no news yet of the official being released. It’s likely he is still being interrogated, and if they [security officials] decide to set an example, they might send him to a labor-training camp.”

[Source: Daily NK]

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