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Date : September 9, 2013
North Korean People are Mobilized for 9.9 Day
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September 9th is the Founding Day of North Korea. All North Koreans were mobilized in preparation for the 65th anniversary of the founding holiday, which is called 9.9 Day.
Open Radio for North Korea’s source in Chongjin in North Hamkyung Province said during a phone interview on the 6th that “the North Korean authorities mobilize all the people to create a celebratory atmosphere and prepare for the events. From morning, Elementary and middle school students are mobilized in street propaganda and citizens are busy beautifying the city.”
The source also added, “Everyone is mobilized in planting grass near streets and historical sites from dawn, and the authorities also ordered the markets to remain closed until 3pm, which is 2 hours later than they usually open.”
According to the source, this year’s 9.9 Day is the 65th anniversary so the authorities are planning a bigger event. Laborers are decorating buildings and painting propaganda pickets in the morning and attending concentrated education and commemorating lectures in the afternoon, so they get off work 1 - 2 hours later than usual.
Also, the authorities collected 5,000 won from each household for the cost of paint on apartments and buildings, raising people’s complaints. The source reports that people are showing apathetic reactions to mobilization by saying “the authorities don’t give any supplies even though it is a national holiday.”
Meanwhile, authorities distributed a ten-day-supply of corn to people and laborers in center regions of the city and the 1st Rank Enterprises.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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