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Date : September 9, 2013
Kim Jong Eun Finally Takes Out His Sword
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Recently, as the Korean wave spread to not only students and market sellers but also to officials and the National Security Agency, a special order by Kim Jong Eun was issued.
On the 29th of August, Open Radio for North Korea’s source in Pyongsung claimed that, “On the 22nd of last month, Kim Jong Eun ordered harsh punishment for people who watch pornography.”
The source also claimed that the order stated that, “Imperialists’ scheme to destroy our socialism from the inside is progressing more viciously, so we need to label people who watch or spread pornography as counterrevolutionaries.”
Also, Kim Jong Eun ordered the punishment of not only the person who watches pornography and South Korean dramas and movies, but of his or her teacher and parents as well.
The North Korean authorities revised the criminal law in 2003 to stop the spread of South Korean dramas, movies, and pornography. The criminal law at that time stated that a person who was caught watching unapproved CDs or DVDs from other countries would be sent to a reeducation camp from 1 year and a half to 2 years.
Also, according to Chosun Ilbo’s report on the 29th of August, North Korean singer Hyun Song Wol, who was Kim Jong Eun’s ex-girlfriend, and 10 other artists in North Korea, were shot to death on August 20th for making and selling pornography.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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