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Date : September 5, 2013
Grandiose Projects “Bleeding North Korea Dry”
   http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2013/09/05/2013090500831.… [817]
Three massive construction projects initiated by Kim Jong Eun have been described by an unspecified South Korean government official as “bleeding North Korea dry.” The three projects in question are as massive ski resort, an equestrian club and a nation-wide turf development project. The same South Korean official said that overseas North Korean workers and diplomats are being ‘forced’ to send 300 USD home to assist in funding these large projects. A large Pro-DPRK Korean association in Japan has also been told to raise funds. An even larger problem is the diversion of resources away from more essential development projects that could make better use of the funds. The source described the situation as, “with no sufficient financial resources, the regime is trying to complete Kim Jong Eun’s signature projects by certain deadlines and people are getting more and more restive.” 

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