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Date : September 5, 2013
Non-trademarked Cosmetics Rise in Popularity
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/food_international_org/nobrand-0829… [887]
Recent reports have stated that non-trademarked cosmetic goods are being bought and sold in North Korean markets. According to a source that spoke to Radio Free Asia, the non-trademarked cosmetics are of reputable quality and significantly cheaper than comparable name-brand products produced by Chinese and South Korean companies. It has been said that some sellers of the non-trademarked cosmetics have been over charging their customers under the guise of providing domestic cosmetics. However, there is not quality guarantee for the non-trademarked cosmetics so more affluent shoppers still prefer South Korean cosmetics. High-ranking government officials, part members and company employees continue to use South Korean shampoos and lotions.

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