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Date : September 2, 2013
North Korea Concentrates on Earning Foreign Currency
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It has been reported that the North Korean authorities are concentrating on earning foreign currency.
Through a recent talk with South Korea, North Korean authorities are ready to reactivate Kaesong Industrial Complex and they also suggested a talk with South Korea about resuming Keumkang Mountain tourism. Given this situation, the authorities are urging people to actively work to earn foreign currency.
On the 26th, the Open Radio for North Korea’s source in Hyesan reported that the authorities ordered each household to donate $5 to the nation. North Korean authorities also ordered people to contribute dog skins and forced them to strictly follow this assignment in order to earn foreign currency. However, it is first time that authorities have urgently ordered such an assignment. It is also first time that the authorities allowed people to use Chinese money if they don’t have any dollars. Currently, $5 is equivalent to about 31 Chinese Yuan in North Korea.
The source also reported that forcible methods are being used to make people donate $5. The North Korean authorities usually decide the amount of food distribution through a renewal of No.1 Food, but if a household doesn’t provide the mandatory $5, then authorities now will not allocate the distribution ticket for that household.
Consequently, people are collecting all their money to exchange it for dollars in order to receive food distribution in the fall, the source said.
Additionally, it has been reported that North Korean soldiers are being mobilized to earn foreign currency. On the 20th, many soldiers were sent to Samjiyeon and Mt. Baekdu to pick blueberries. Blueberries are growing in the hilly sections of Mt. Baekdu and are used in the production of Kim Jong Il’s private alcohol gift.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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