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Date : September 2, 2013
NK Self-Defense Guards are being Strengthened
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The North Korean authorities recently inspected the conditions of the people’s self-defense guard and are making efforts to strengthen it.
On the 26th of August, a source told Open Radio for North Korea that from the 21st to the 28th, “Inspection 016,” inspection units of the central party, was dispatched to every region and inspected standard use and operational conditions of the self-defense security office.
Since 2001, North Korean authorities began establishing security offices in each town. These offices are responsible for managing, controlling, and strengthening public order. Self-defense guarding was initiated to prevent theft as the number of robberies was increasing due to decreased food distribution.
The inspections were to ensure normal self-defense guarding operations and to strengthen minimal guard facilities. It was also used to punish executives who were negligent in managing the security offices. As inspection methods were being strengthened, security offices, which are more nicely decorated than private homes, sprung up here and there, the source said.
Additionally, the source stated that strengthening the management of the self-defense security offices is also related to people’s increasing complaints about the Kim Jong Eun regime.
According to the source, many North Korean people these days are saying, “It is hard to live because the price of rice has been increasing since the Kim Jong Eun regime took power” and “That young man is immature. There is no hope.” This phenomenon was hardly thinkable in the Kim Jong Il regime, but now, people’s complaints are beyond control.
Source: Open Radio for North Korea

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