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Date : January 31, 2021
NK continues to export coal and dispatch laborers overseas
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North Korea continues to export coal and dispatch laborers overseas

North Korean authorities are engrossed in various plans to make money, some of which violate international sanctions on the country, Daily NK has learned. 

According to a Daily NK source in North Korea on Thursday, North Korean authorities believe exporting coal or dispatching laborers overseas are the most effective plans for earning foreign currency, which can generate large amounts of money for the ruling party in a short period of time.

UN Security Council Resolution 2397, adopted in December 2017, called for the repatriation of all North Korean nationals earning income abroad within 24 months.

However, North Korean authorities did not repatriate all of its laborers working in China and Russia and have recently been recruiting more workers to send overseas.

In fact, reports confirm that authorities have been recruiting workers to send to Russia since the beginning of this month. Daily NK reported that authorities are taking volunteers in Pyongyang and other major cities with the goal of sending about 10,000 workers to Russia. 

By region, Pyongyang has produced the most volunteers so far, followed by the Pyongan provinces, the Hwanghae provinces, the Hamgyong provinces, and Gangwon Province. Chagang Province has reportedly conducted no recruitments to protect the secrecy of the large number of military industries located there. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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