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Date : January 31, 2021
Warning people of broadcasts from the US, SK and Japan
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North Korea conducts lectures warning people of broadcasts from the US, South Korea and Japan

North Korea is reportedly conducting lectures in certain regions that designate South Korea, the United States and Japan as hostile nations and warn that listening to or watching broadcasts from those nations will be harshly punished. The lectures appear aimed at teaching residents about the law against “reactionary thought” enacted last December and at bolstering internal unity.

A source in South Pyongan Province told Daily NK on Monday that in a recent lecture, the propaganda secretary of the South Pyongan Province branch of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea designated broadcasts from “South Choson” (South Korea) as “hostile broadcasts” and called for tougher controls and punishments. The source told Daily NK that “entering the new year, the party’s agitprop department has designated South Choson as a hostile nation and has been strengthening control [over society].” 

The source explained that not all capitalist nations with ideologies and systems that differ from North Korea’s are designated “hostile nations”; only the United States, Japan and South Korea are.

“The propaganda secretary stressed in the lecture that whether or not something is a hostile broadcast depends on what country it is from,” he said. “This means what’s important is whether or not the broadcast was produced in a hostile country, regardless of its content.” ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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