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Date : September 2, 2020
Street food vendors charge the same for less
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Street food vendors charge the same for less

Business had already been bad because of COVID-19 but further restrictions on movement in the country following the return of a defector to Kaesong recently are “impacting” some products' sales. 

Prices of popular street food – including soybean injogogibap (rice wrapped with fake meat), dububap (tofu on rice), rice cakes and sundae (blood sausages) – are the same, but portion sizes have been cut in half. For example, injogogibap was reportedly made up of about 15 centimeters of artificial meat along with around seven centimeters of rice last year, but each portion now has only about 10 centimeters of artificial meat and far less rice.

It’s normal for prices to drop when the portions are reduced. Yet, the prices are still the same, so people buying these foods often do a double take and have to look again at the prices. A serving of injogogibap is still around KPW 500, similar to what it was in the past, according to the source. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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