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Date : September 2, 2020
University student arrested for spreading false information
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University student arrested for spreading “false information”

North Korean authorities recently arrested a university student who had once worked in the Joint Security Area (JSA) for allegedly fabricating and disseminating false information.

The arrest was carried out by Department 3 of the Domestic Counterespionage Bureau, the MSS, on August 24, while the suspect was in a lecture hall at Ryongsong Electrical Engineering Industrial University. 

Mr. Chang is from Pyongyang and reportedly comes from a reputable class background. After serving in the JSA for eight years, he was admitted to the university last autumn at the recommendation of the department in his military unit responsible for enlisted officers. He was believed to have a “promising future” due to his longstanding interest in electric engineering, so how did it all go wrong?

The story dates back to July when authorities ordered universities to take an “early vacation.” During a birthday party with some friends at home, Chang was asked if he had ever seen any South Koreans. Chang was reportedly excited by the question and began to talk about his experience, even mentioning that there were “defection telephones” (defection bells) installed along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL). ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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