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Date : July 8, 2013
ICNK Interacts with COI in Geneva
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ICNK, who went to Geneva on the 2nd to have a meeting with the UN COI, gathered in front of the North Korean embassy in Geneva on the 4th, and called for the safety of the 9 repatriated defector children and the acceptance of the COI investigation.
The ICNK delegation members of this visit were Ann Myeongchul, the Secretary General of Free NK Gulag, Kwon Eun Kyoung, the manager of the ICNK Secretariat, defector Kim Eun Cheol, David Hawk, the author of “Hidden Gulag,” and Rajiv Narayan, the researcher at Amnesty International.
Ann Myeongchul, Kwon Eun Kyoung, and Kim Eun Cheol protested in front of the North Korean embassy in Geneva before they had an explanatory meeting with the COI. Also, they placed a letter to Kim Jong Eun in the embassy's mailbox. During their stay in Geneva, they will explain the overall human rights situation in North Korea and the North Korean dictatorship to the COI, and they will discuss the 9 repatriated defector children's petition and other petitions of victims of arbitrary detention in North Korea.

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