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Date : January 17, 2012
ORKN to Deliver ICNK Letter via Short Wave Radio to NK People
   http://www.nkradio.org/news/7846 [792]
The ICNK Open Letter to Kim Jong Un will be broadcast into North Korea via short wave radio every Monday for four consecutive weeks. The letter was first broadcast into North Korea via Open Radio for North Korea (ORNK) on January 16th.

Through the ICNK letter, the producer of ORNK Noh Young Rae intends to bring cheer to the North Korea people by letting them know that the international community is working for their human rights. 

He emphasized, “The international concerns about, discussions on, and efforts for North Korean human rights is worthy of being broadcast to the North Korean people because it must comfort them and give them hope for a better future.”

He said, “Since one of the purposes of our programs is to lessen the feeling of difference between the North and South, I thought that the letter itself could be a tool to show that the world- including South Korea- sides not with the authorities; but with the people of North Korea and their wellbeing.” Therefore, he believes releasing the letter helps shorten the gap between the two sides.

In addition, he explained, “Even though it is uncertain, there must be some officials from the regime, the National Security Agency, the People’s Safety Ministry, or other important organizations among our listeners. In the long run, attempts to influence them will not be futile.”

The letter will be aired every Monday for the next 3 weeks through 11640kHz (between 10 and 11 PM, GMT +9), 7560kHz (between 11PM and 12AM), 7480kHz (between 6 and 7AM), AM774kHz (between 4 and 5 AM), and FM92.3MHz (between 4 and 5AM) on the ORNK channels. 

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