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Date : June 13, 2019
One year on, nothing has changed in North Korea
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Benedict Rogers
North Korea
June 13, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un held their historic summit in Singapore on June 12 last year, the first time the leader of the free world and the leader of the world’s most repressive dictatorship had met face to face.
That encounter also took place on the anniversary of a famous speech by another American president addressing a nuclear-armed communist dictatorship — Ronald Reagan’s Berlin Wall speech, 32 years ago on that same date.
Ahead of the Singapore summit, I argued that President Trump should follow his predecessor’s example and put human rights clearly on the agenda alongside security. I said that he should paraphrase President Reagan and tell the North Korean dictator: “Mr. Kim, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Korean Peninsula, if you seek liberalization: Come to the prison camps! Mr. Kim, open the gates to the gulags! Mr. Kim, tear down the walls of the gulags! Mr. Kim, free all your political prisoners.” ......

[Source: UCA News.Com]

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