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Democracy Network against North Korean Gulag (Free NK Gulag) 
Name : Kim Tae Jin
Email : ktjnnn@hanmail.net
Free NK Gulag works to close the political prisoner camps, to set free the political prisoners and their families and to let the world know about ruthless torture and forced labor that have been occurring in the political prisoner camps.
Email : michaelglendinning@eahrnk.org
EAHRNK works with North Korean exiles to deliver a new North Korea for the North Korean people. Its work focuses on the physical and psychological separation of the North Korean people from the North Korean state. As this separation occurs, it aims to build a new North Korea. EAHRNK works with and supports the North Korean people through the development and implementation of evidence-based strategies for change.
FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights) 
Name : Michelle Kissenkoett
Email : mk@fidh.org
FIDH was established in 1922, and today unites 178member organisations in more than 100 countries around the world. It takes action for the protection of victims of human rights violations, for the prevention of violations and to bring perpetrators to justice. FIDH works for the respect of all the rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: civil and political rights, as well as economic, social and cultural rights. It coordinates and supports the activities of its members and provides them with a voice at the international level. Like its member organisations, FIDH is not linked to any party or religion and is independent of all governments. President: Mr. Karim Lahidji. Contact Person: Michelle Kissenkoetter, Director of Asia Desk - mk@fidh.org
Freedom House 
Name : Kellen Mcclure
Email : mcclure@freedomhouse.org
Freedom House supports democratic change, monitors freedom, and advocates for democracy and human rights. We support nonviolent civic initiatives in societies where freedom is denied or under threat and we stand in opposition to ideas and forces that challenge the right of all people to be free.
Name : Randall Baran-Chong
Email : randall.baran.chong@hanvoice.ca
HanVoice is a human rights organization established in 2007 dedicated to ending the plight of North Korean refugees in China. Starting with a small group of three ordinary Canadians, HanVoice has grown into an organization of hundreds of members, with a diverse membership encompassing anyone from high school students to retirees.
HH Katacombs 
Name : 최고관리자
Email : tapkorea@gmail.com
HH Katacombs
Human Rights in Asia (Japan) 
Name : Ken Kato
Email : kenkato.hra@nifty.com
Human Rights in Asia is investigating North Korea's illicit activities such as money laundering and smuggling in order to exert pressure on the regime to rescue Japanese abductees, improve human rights conditions and dismantle WMD programmes. Director: Ken Kato
Human Rights Watch 
Name : Phil Robertson
Email : robertp@hrw.org
Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. HRW stands with victims and activists to prevent discrimination, to uphold political freedom, to protect people from inhumane conduct in wartime, and to bring offenders to justice.
Human Rights Without Frontiers 
Name : Willy Fautre
Email : w.fautre@hrwf.net
Human Rights Without Frontiers International is a NGO that promotes democracy, the rule of law and human rights around the world. HRWF International develops advocacy through the EU institutions, at the OSCE and the UN in Geneva. It has organized several conferences on North Korea at the European Parliament. Its director, Willy Fautre, is regularly interviewed by the media and is often invited to international conferences or by think tanks in Europe and in Asia. Director: Willy Fautre Preferred Contact: international.secretariat.brussels@hrwf.net
Inter American Foundation for Christian Lawyers (IAFCL) 
Name : 최고관리자
Email : kekyoung@gmail.com
Inter American Foundation for Christian Lawyers (IAFCL)
International Center for Transitional Justice 
Name : Patrick Burgess
Email : pburgess@ictj.org
ICTJ works to help societies in transition address legacies of massive human rights violations and build civic trust in state institutions as protectors of human rights. ICJT does this by providing technical expertise and knowledge of relevant comparative experiences in transitional justice from across the globe.
Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea (CO... 
Name : 최고관리자
Email : kekyoung@gmail.com
Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea (COMJAN)
Jubilee Campaign USA 
Name : Ann Buwalda
Email : annbuwalda@jubileecampaign.org
Jubilee Campaign promotes the human rights and religious liberty of ethnic and religious minorities; advocates the release of prisoners of conscience imprisoned on account of their faith; advocates for and assists refugees fleeing religious based persecution; and protects and promotes the dignity and safety of children from bodily harm and sexual exploitation. Jubilee Campaign holds special consultative status with ECOSOC at the United Nations. Executive Director: Ann Buwalda, Esq. Preferred Contact: Ann Buwalda, Executive Director - annbuwalda@jubileecampaign.org
Justice 4 North Korea 
Name : Peter Jung
Email : justicenk@gmail.com
An organization trying to help oppressed North Korean refugees in China by making their problem an international issue. JFNK continually investigates, finds evidence, and strives to improve North Korea’s human rights situation.
Name : Eiko Kawasaki
Email : catorea4211@yahoo.co.jp
KOA is an NGO consisting of those who went to North Korea in 1960s from Japan and escaped the country in 2000s. It works for human rights in North Korea and returnees in Japan.
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