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Date : January 24, 2023
Three Futures: North Korea and the Korean Peninsula
   https://youtu.be/4s1Sc2XTJiA [751]

Three Futures: North Korea and the Korean Peninsula

December 6, 2022 - A discussion on the most likely scenarios for the future of the Korean Peninsula, featuring: Korea Risk Group CEO Chad O’Carroll, NK News Director and Professor at Kookmin University Andrei Lankov, NK News Lead Correspondent Jeongmin Kim, and NK News Senior Analytic Correspondent Colin Zwirko, in conversation with policy director Jonathan Corrado. Utilizing forecasts that rely on the trajectory of current conditions, the experts debate the best possible case, the worst possible case, and the most likely scenario. The experts also opine on how to avoid the most dangerous contingencies and create conditions for positive developments. Join us for this discussion informed by a rich tapestry of journalistic and academic inquiry.

[Source: The Korea Society]

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