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Date : September 2, 2022
Advancing human rights in the DPRK through a dual approach of accountability and engagement
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KGFP Korea Global Forum for Peace - Advancing human rights in the DPRK through a dual approach of accountability and engagement

• Theme:  Advancing human rights in the DPRK through a dual approach of accountability and engagement
• Date & Time: September 1, 2022 (Thu) ┃10:30-12:00 (KST) 
• Organizer: UN OHCHR Seoul

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the DPRK have repeatedly emphasised the need for a dual approach of engagement and accountability for advancing human rights in the DPRK. This consists of continuously monitoring and documenting human rights violations and exploring the full range of possibilities to securing accountability, alongside offering constructive engagement to find solutions to the human rights issues in the DPRK. Accountability for human rights violations is important to pursue justice, uphold the rights of the victims, deter future violations and address long-standing impunity. Human rights improvement in the DPRK also requires investment in cooperation and engagement to promote human rights dialogue and provide avenues and entry points for the DPRK to establish trust and confidence which in turn would pave the way for increased communication for substantive human rights improvements in the country. It is in this context, that this session is being organised to explore the possibilities, challenges and practicalities of pursuing a dual approach to advancing human rights in the DPRK. 
The session will therefore explore practical measures of advancing human rights in the DPRK particularly exploring what truth and accountability options can be pursued, how diplomatic engagement for meaningful dialogue on human rights can be pursued and how the UN human rights mechanisms and UN agencies can be instrumental in bringing human rights improvement in the DPRK. The session will also take stock of the approach pursued by the international community to date and what needs to be improved or done differently so that the DPRK could be interested in engaging in improving human rights in the country. The session will also explore synergies between humanitarian/development assistance and human rights advocacy particularly in relation to achieving economic, social and cultural rights. The session will bring together experts from the UN, civil society organisations, legal experts and academics.

-Daniel COLLINGE (Human Rights Officer, UN OHCHR Seoul Office)

- Imesh POKHAREL (Deputy Representative, UN OHCHR Seoul Office)
- Elizabeth SALMON (Special Rapporteur on the human rights situations in the DPRK / Professor , Pontifical Catholic University of Peru)

- Jerome SAUVAGE (Former Resident Coordinator in the DPRK)
- KWON Eun Kyoung (Executive Director, The Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights)
- BAEK Buhm-Suk (Associate Professor, Kyung-Hee University)

[Source: KGFP Korea Global Forum for Peace ]

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