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Date : July 6, 2022
Kim Jong Un’s Cyber Strategy
   https://youtu.be/Z_BMIoqii3I [722]

Jean Lee: Financing Pyongyang’s Provocations - Kim Jong Un’s Cyber Strategy

Part For this month, we invited Jean Lee, Public Policy Fellow at the Wilson Center, to discuss North Korea’s cyber-attacks and how they finance Pyongyang’s missile developments despite the international sanctions against the regime. Ms. Lee notes that Kim Jong-un, early on in his rule, has overseen the cultivation of “cyber warriors,” who have stolen more than two billion dollars in cyber theft over the last few years. As cyber attacks are difficult to trace and attribute, Pyongyang’s investment in cyber has become a successful means of circumventing sanctions. Ms. Lee underscores the importance of ROK-U.S. cooperation in accelerating momentum for a technology alliance centered on cybersecurity. She especially highlights Seoul’s role, provided that it has a depth of experience in responding to North Korea’s cyber-attacks and is at the forefront of cryptocurrency technology. Moving forward, she advises the Yoon administration to increase enforcement and regulation in cryptocurrency at the intersection between policy and technology.

Part 1. How Pyongyang Has Secured Funds for Developing Missiles Capabilities 00:00
Part 2. Ways to Enhance the Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions 11:35
Part 3. Directions for ROK-US Cooperation in the Cyber Security Area 18:15

[Source: EAI]

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