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Date : February 23, 2022
Delving into Kim Jong-un's Ten Years
   https://youtu.be/4VbbyyjNOtI [845]

North Korea Economic Forum: "Delving into Kim Jong-un's Ten Years: Economy and Politics"

On February 9th, 2022, the GW Institute for Korean Studies co-hosted the North Korea Economic Forum with Seoul National University's Institute for Peace and Unification.

Event Description:

Ten years have passed since Kim Jong-un became the leader of North Korea in his late twenties. Despite initial expectations for possible instability in North Korea, Kim appears to be a politically competent leader capable of maintaining his power fairly well. However, he is currently facing serious obstacles to realizing his ambitions of making North Korea into a nuclear power state and developing a prosperous economy. This timely webinar invites renowned South Korean and American experts on North Korea’s economy and politics to investigate the current internal situation and to evaluate political economy dynamics in North Korea.


-Byung-Yeon Kim (Director, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, Seoul

National University)

-Du Hyeogn Cha (Principal Fellow, Asan Institute for Policy Studies)

-Jisoo M. Kim (Director, GW Institute for Korean Studies)

-Jung-Chul Lee (Professor, Department of Political Science and International

Relations, Seoul National University)

-Ken Gause (Director, Adversary Analytics Program, CNA)

-Kyoochul Kim (Fellow, Korea Development Institute)

-Rachel Minyoung Lee (Nonresident Fellow, Stimson Center)

-Sue Mi Terry (Director, Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center for Korean

History and Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson Center)

-William Brown (Chairman, NKEF, GW Institute for Korean Studies)

[Source: GW Institute for Korean Studies]

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