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Date : January 27, 2022
Lee Jae-myung’s foreign policy with Wi Sung-lac
   https://youtu.be/psVgo_8aDVY [761]

Lee Jae-myung’s foreign policy with Wi Sung-lac

Please join us for a special discussion with Ambassador Wi Sung-lac, former South Korean Vice Foreign Minister and foreign policy advisor to South Korean presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung. 

Amb. Wi is Chairman of the Pragmatic Foreign Affairs Committee for the Presidential Campaign for Democratic Party of Korea's presidential candidate, Lee Jae-myung. Previously, Amb. Wi was a visiting professor at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy, and a visiting scholar at the Asia Center of the Seoul National University. As a retired diplomat with an over 35-year career in the Foreign Service, Amb. Wi had assumed many posts that directly related to North American Affairs and North Korean nuclear issue. His assignments included the director general of the North American Affairs Bureau, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Korean Embassy in the US, Chief Negotiator in the Six-Party Talks and the Special Representative for the Korean peninsula peace and security affairs. Most recently, he was the Ambassador to Russia. He studied international relations at the Seoul National University.

[Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies]

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