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Date : April 22, 2021
Top Priority: NK Human Rights in 2021
   https://youtu.be/TQ1rc0etcg0 [235]

Top Priority: North Korean Human Rights in 2021

Dr. Sandra Fahy, Dr. Sung-Yoon Lee, and HRNK Executive Director Greg Scarlatoiu provide an overview of international reactions and initiatives to address North Korean human rights through international fora as well as South Korea's stance on human rights violations in the North. The event is moderated by HRNK Executive Director Greg Scarlatoiu.

Dr. Sandra Fahy is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Sophia University and the author of Dying for Rights: Putting North Korea's Human Rights Abuses on the Record and Marching through Suffering: Loss and Survival in North Korea.

Dr. Sung-Yoon Lee is the Kim Koo-Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies and an Assistant Professor at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.

[Source: The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea]

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