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Date : March 25, 2021
The Future of US-NK Policy
   https://youtu.be/7p_yVQBBV_M [372]

Transition 2021 Series: A Gathering Storm—The Future of U.S.-North Korea Policy

Our panelists discuss the future of the U.S. relationship with North Korea under the Biden administration, including the country’s nuclear capabilities and ambitions, and China’s role in the peninsula.

The Transition 2021 series examines the major issues confronting the administration in the foreign policy arena.


Victor D. Cha

Professor and Vice Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs and D.S. Song-KF Endowed Chair in Government and International Affairs, Georgetown University; Senior Vice President and Korea Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies; CFR Member

Duyeon Kim

Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security; Columnist, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Stephanie T. Kleine-Ahlbrandt

Founder, Activus Coaching & Consulting; Nonresident Fellow, 38 North Program, Stimson Center; Former DPRK Panel of Experts, United Nations Security Council; CFR Member


Christopher R. Hill

George W. Ball Adjunct Professor, School of International Public Affairs, Columbia University; Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (2005–2009); Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (2004–2005); Former Chief U.S. Negotiator, North Korea Nuclear Negotiations; CFR Member

[Source: Council on Foreign Relations]

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