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Date : December 13, 2020
Conversation with the Korea's Foreign Minister
   https://youtu.be/AJmRml_BpjE [350]

The View from Seoul: A Conversation with the Republic of Korea's Foreign Minister

The United States and South Korea have shared a special relationship for decades, stretching as far back as the Korean War in the 1950s. This connection has provided a sturdy foundation for long-term economic prosperity and security for Americans and South Koreans alike against a backdrop of new and enduring challenges. South Korea’s Foreign Minister, Kang Kyung-wha, joins the Aspen Security Forum to discuss her view from Seoul about key foreign policy issues, including:

-What is the outlook for U.S. – South Korea relations in 2021 and beyond?

-How is South Korea working to achieve diplomatic solutions to resolve long-time tensions with North Korea, especially with regard to Pyongyang’s burgeoning nuclear program?

-Why was South Korea’s response to the coronavirus pandemic so effective, and what lessons can other countries take from its success?

[Source: The Aspen Institute]

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