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Date : September 16, 2020
NK Politics, Economics, & Social Culture Diagnosis
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S7 North Korea’s Politics, Economics, & Social Culture Diagnosis

KGFP Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020

• Theme: North Korea’s Politics, Economics, and Social Culture Diagnosis (Round Table)  

• Date & Time: 2020.09.08(Tue) ┃18:30~20:00(KST)

• Organizer: The Korean Association of North Korean Studies


In order to promote sustainable peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula, it is necessary to understand North Korean history and discuss ways to cooperate with North Korea. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss North Korea's political, economic, social and cultural fields. Also, focusing on the discussion of North Korean history by overseas researchers, it diagnoses the current political, economic, social, and cultural aspects of North Korea and predicts the future picture of North Korean society in the future. This Seminar would adopt a round table format in order to conduct free discussions by North Korean researchers overseas.


  - Sun Song PARK (Professor, Dongguk University)


  - Fyodor TERTITSKIY (Senior Researcher, Kookmin University)

  - Junya NISHINO (Professor, Keio University, Japan)

  - Gyubin CHOI (Senior Researcher, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies Seoul National University(IPUS))

  - Han xiandong (Professor,  China University of Political Science and Law)



[Source: KGFP Korea Global Forum for Peace 2020]

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