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Date : July 30, 2020
Ethics of Sanctions on North Korea
   https://youtu.be/2VmfBZgwedY [1039]

Ethics of Sanctions on North Korea: A Conversation with Hazel Smith

There have been many discussions in Washington D.C. and elsewhere about whether sanctions against North Korea are effective, but fewer conversations on whether they are ethical. Filling this void, Professor Hazel Smith asks whether the means used by the United Nations to achieve denuclearization are justified by the international community's desire for North Korea to dismantle its arsenal. She joins KEI for a conversation on this very question.


Hazel Smith

Professorial Research Associate in Korean Studies

School of Oriental and African Studies, UK

Professor Emerita of International Security

Cranfield University, UK


Mark Tokola, Vice President, Korea Economic Institute of America

[Source: Korea Economic Institute of America]

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