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Date : April 16, 2020
The State of Human Rights in NK
   https://youtu.be/Tq_5r9a-68I [519]

The State of Human Rights in North Korea

The Trump Administration may no longer be spotlighting North Korea's violations of human rights, but the State Department's 2019 Human Rights Report is at least as tough in its language on North Korea as were its 2018 and 2017 reports. Along with the February 25, 2020, report of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the Korea Institute for National Unification's (KINU) 2019 White Paper on Human Rights in North Korea, there is ample recent documentation showing the continuing abysmal state of human rights in Kim Jong-un's North Korea. 


Ambassador Robert King 
Former U.S. Special Envoy for North Korea Human Rights 
Non-Resident Fellow 
Korea Economic Institute of America 

Greg Scarlatoiu 
Executive Director 
Committee for Human Rights in North Korea 

Moderated by: 

Mark Tokola 
Vice President 
Korea Economic Institute of America

[Source: Korea Economic Institute of America]

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