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Date : June 13, 2019
China and South Korea in North Korea’s SEZs
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Competition or Cooperation: China and South Korea in North Korea’s Special Economic Zones | 06/11/19

While North Korea has developed Special Economic Zones (SEZs) for several decades, most have attracted limited attention from foreign investors for a variety of reasons. The more successful of these areas have drawn interest from Chinese and South Korean partners, but interactions with each country follow very different models. Whereas Chinese economic cooperation in North Korean SEZs is led by small-scale trade, South Korean engagement has entailed large investments. Should a denuclearization process start, however, Seoul’s emphasis on these zones for renewed engagement with Pyongyang will likely prompt Beijing to be more committed to growing its presence in North Korean SEZs.

Please join KEI for a presentation by Dr. Théo Clément on the evolution of North Korean SEZs, the potential for competition between China and South Korea in developing these areas after sanctions are lifted, and why cooperation would be necessary for both to achieve their goals in North Korea.

Théo Clément
Research Associate
King’s College London

Moderated by:

Kyle Ferrier
Director of Academic Affairs and Research
Korea Economic Institute of America

[Source: Korea Economic Institute]

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