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Date : May 7, 2019
Women and Market Mechanisms in North Korea
   https://youtu.be/yGah_fnDGEc [1244]

Women and Market Mechanisms in North Korea

The growth of markets is one of the most significant socioeconomic developments to occur in North Korea over the past two decades. While many understand that North Korea now has a thriving market system, the important role that the women of North Korea play is not as well known or appreciated.

The CSIS Korea Chair and the North Korea Freedom Coalition invite you to join us for a special event featuring expert discussions on markets and civil society in North Korea as well as a presentation of Beyond Parallel's mapping of 436 officially sanctioned markets across North Korea. The panel discussion will be followed by testimonies from North Korean escapees on the importance of women's roles and experiences in North Korea's markets.

[Source: Center for Strategic & International Studies]

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