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NK Slaves of Earning Dollars 
Date : October 8, 2013
 North Korean laborers who are dispatched to other countries to earn foreign currency are in extremely hard condition.
Child Abuse in Arirang Mass Games 
Date : September 30, 2013
 Too many North Korean children suffer from the Arirang Mass Games.
COI's Oral Report on NK Human Rights Situation 
Date : September 23, 2013
Michael Kirby, the Chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK, gave an oral report at the 14th meeting in the 24th regular session  of…
UN COI Public Hearing in Seoul 
Date : September 23, 2013
UN COI held public hearing in Seoul from August 20th to August 24th. Here are the video clips of the hearing.
A defector Hyeonseo Lee's speech at TED 
Date : June 17, 2013
 A defector woman, Hyeonseo Lee, gave a speech at TED in February, 2013.She talked about her life in North Korea and story of her defection.
Ooberfuse Released Song on Kim Il Sung's Birthday 
Date : April 30, 2013
  Ooberfuse, a band based in London, have released a song on North Korea. The song, "Vanish the Night," was released yesterday to mark the birth of Kim Il Sung. I…
Prostitution in Hyesan 
Date : April 3, 2013
  With its rocket launches and nuclear tests, North Korea is the focus of the international community. New video footage has now surfaced revealing the seamier side…
UN COI into North Korea 
Date : March 21, 2013
  ICNK's successful work for establishment of UN COI into North Korea.
Voice of Former Political Prisoners 
Date : March 15, 2013
  These are the testimonies of former political prisoners. They reveal all the inhumane crimes of the North Korean authorities.
"I Hope You Are Alive!" 
Date : February 14, 2013
  Shin Dong Hyuk's feelings of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention's opinion on his father's detention in Camp 14, which is "arbitrary"
An Unbelievable Story 
Date : January 10, 2013
  "An Unbelievable Story" is the tale of the humanitarian crisis in North Korea. Produced for the International Coalition to Stop Crimes against Humanity in North…
Save My Family! 
Date : November 16, 2012
  There is a tragic story about a separated family in Korean Peninsula. A mother and two daughters have been arbitrarily detained in a political prison camp, Yodu…
Date : October 12, 2012
Shin Dong Hyuk's Message to His Father 
Date : April 5, 2012
  I want to get on my knees and apologize for being cold and mean. I really want to say to you with my heart, “I love you.” I hope you survive inside the camp a…
Japanese Members Deliver Letter to Chongyron 
Date : January 11, 2012
  On the 10th of January, more than five Japanese NGOs, including Human Rights Watch and NO FENCE, visited Chongryon (General Association of North Korean Resident…
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