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Date : April 27, 2020
Panic buying in Pyongyang
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Announcement on import restrictions leads to panic buying in Pyongyang

North Korea’s recent announcement of restrictions on imports of “unnecessary items” has led to a spate of “panic buying” in Pyongyang, Daily NK has learned.

“Prices of all sorts of goods have continued to increase since the announcement was made, and people are buying up what they can,” a Daily NK source based in Pyongyang reported earlier today.

Daily NK had reported on Apr. 22 that a “joint decision document” signed by both the country’s Cabinet and communist party’s Central Committee was handed down to organizations throughout the country. The document stated that the country had implemented restrictions on imports of “unimportant” items such as seasonings for food and electronics.

Several Pyongyang sources told Daily NK that the “panic buying” in the capital city began on Apr. 18 – the day after the import restrictions-related announcement was made – and that the prices of imported food, condiments and electronics sold in various stores have continued increase since then. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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