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Date : April 19, 2020
Corn farming turned out execution
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Forestry official executed for illegal corn farm

The head of a local forest management office in Chagang Province was recently executed for removing saplings from state-owned land and planting corn in their place, Daily NK has learned.

The man’s execution came after the Chagang Province People’s Committee’s launched an inquiry into why the local forest management office in Kopung County failed to grow the state-set quota of saplings and send them over to the committee on Arbor Day (Mar. 2).

Forest management offices throughout North Korea are required to cultivate saplings to plant on Arbor Day each year.

The people’s committee’s inquiry found that the director of the Kopung County forest management office, a man in his 50s, had removed saplings planted last spring and planted corn seeds in their place. The man then distributed the harvested corn to his colleagues and their families while the remaining corn stalks were given to the 22 cows owned by the office. ......

[Source: Daily NK]

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