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Date : September 26, 2012
Hunger is an Ongoing Issue in Hwanghae Province
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Ishimaru Jiro, the director of ASIAPRESS, has recently announced that there are widespread problems of hunger among citizens in Hwanghae Province. The problems emerged in the spring and have not abated. Mr. Jiro was studying the effects of the problem in August and September. His comments come at the same time that the regime have apparently introduced agricultural reforms.
Mr. Jiro stated that the situation in Hwanghae Province was the worst it had been since the so-called Arduous March. This, he said, was a result of flooding, drought, and recent storms. Other economic factors and the claims of the army on food produced by farmers also heavily contributed to the problems. The hunger problems are leading to other social problems, including a rise in the numbers of child beggars.
Mr. Jiro, who was speaking in an interview to the Daily NK, said that the problems in Hwanghae should be called ‘The Great Hwanghae Province Famine of 2012.’ He also stated that he intends letting the international community know about the famine situation. 
Source: Daily NK.

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