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Date : September 11, 2012
Increasing Criticism from North Korean Citizens
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The criticizing voice of North Koreans, who live near the border, is increasing against Kim Jong Eun and his wife's participation in various events and personal appearances. However, there is a contrary view of Kim Jong Un's wife: her style is famous and much desired among the girls in Pyongyang and the wives of high officials.
On last August 25th, there was a phone interview between Open Radio for North Korea and North Korean citizens who live in Musan, in the North Korea/China border region. According to one interview, "Many North Koreans are dying from various things, but Kim Jong Un and his wife are behaving magnificently - like something good is happening."
Also, that same citizen emphasized that, "Many citizens are criticizing Kim Jong Eun and his wife because they don't care about their citizens dying from hunger but participate in events and watch splendid performances." The source said, "There is a proverb, 'In the place where laughter is high, there is also high resentment.' When North Koreans suffer too much, they usually say this proverb."
Another North Korean said that Kim Jong Un is accompanied by his wife, Ri Sol Ju, because his mother, Ko Young Hee, couldn't be with him since she died. So the Open Radio for North Korea's reporter asked the source, "So Kim Jong Eun is devoted to his parents?" The source answered, "We are not talking about his devotion to parents. We are just cynical about him."
The source continued, "We don't know why he is showing his wife while people are dying from hunger." Many North Korean citizens near border area are criticizing Kim Jong Un these days.
The reason for the recent increase of North Korean citizens' complaints against the Kim Jong Un regime is, the source said, that people's expectations of young Kim Jong Eun ended withdisappointment. People hoped that Kim Jong Un would be different from his father, and would reform and open the country up; however, Kim Jong Eun's recent acts are not so different from his father.

While the economy is getting worse, the number of people dying from hunger is increasing and people's lives are getting tougher because of flood damage, Kim Jong Un does not care but enjoys shows. Therefore, it seems, people's expectations turned into disappointment and criticism. The source continued saying, "The complaints against Kim Jong Eun are increasing, but there are not many people who show these complaints outside." The source also said that when they are captured by the National Security Agency while criticizing Kim Jong Eun, they can be taken to prison camps, so people are very careful about that.

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