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Date : August 28, 2012
North Korea and Japan Conference for Japanese Abductees
   http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/politics/2012/08/28/0511000000AKR201208280… [2060]
Tomorrow on August 29th, the North Korean government will have a conference with the Japanese government in the Japanese Embassy in Beijing, China. The conference’s focus is on the return of the remains of Japanese people from North Korea; it seems they will also talk about the issue of Japanese abductees.
This is the first conference since North Korea’s Kim Jong Eun’s regime started. Besides the abductees and the return of the remains problems, the Japanese government also expects to talk about ‘Specific Missing People,’ the 1970s Yodoho Abductees matter, and the Japanese people who went to North Korea to do business and were not allowed to return to Japan.

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