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Date : August 2, 2012
Tight Censorship by Defense Security Command in Yanggang Province
According to a Border Security Force(BSF)  officer in Yanggang province, the whole region is in a state of emergency as large numbers of soldiers and officers are being arrested after an investigation conducted by brigades of the General Political Bureau(GPB) and Defense Security Command(DSC).
In this investigation, officers from Hyegang guard point in Hyesan, executive officer from company, other officers from Hyetan, Kanggu, Wiyun and Kangan,and soldiers are being targeted because of illicit smuggling. Also, as executive officers from the GPB brigade were caught up in the process, and a pool of ordinary soldiers are being summoned to give evidence, reported the source.
Furthermore, the numbers of targets are ever more increasing: ranging from executive officers of the party and civilians engaged in smuggling business with the help of members and staff of the prosecutor’s office, Defense Security Force, Public Security Force, customs office, Trade Department and trading companies.
The source said that targets desperately attempt to comfort themselves in what could be a life threatening situation saying that,“Everyone has a block” and they sensitively kill time waiting for the regime’s beckoning.
Individuals who were investigated have testified that targets were sitting up while sleeping as the room was overcrowded, and sleep deprivation were widely employed for confessions. Rumors of them being conveyed to military courts without any legal processes and closed execution were spread amongst the targets as well.
The source further reported that Chinese smugglers were being kidnapped into North Korea to further the investigation of the case. The source witnessed cuts and wounds on their bodies and alleged that they were being tortured for confession.
In the meantime, people’s lives are also on the verge of breakdown due to the recent investigation. Smuggling is already a dangerous business in North Korea, and individual trade is barred by the regime. Consequently, currency rates and market prices are very volatile. Exchange rate compared to the Yuan plunged to level of 800: 1;  the price of rice, which remained stable 3,900 North Korean won during June, surged to 4,500 won.
As market prices are souring and death polls from starvation are increasing comparable to the days of the Arduous March that killed as many as 3 million partially as a result of repeated inspection and scrutiny, people are blaming Kim Jong Eun's leadership for the difficulties they are experiencing.

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