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Date : May 22, 2012
North Korean workers in China lose 70% of their wages
A Chinese trader has recently reported that North Korean workers are given only 200 (40,000Won in South Korea) per month, despite their heavy work processing raw fish in Dongang area in China.

The source said, “North Korean workers working in China are called ‘slaves’ now. Actually they earn 800 (about 160,000Won) each as a monthly salary, but many taxes like party funds or maintenance fees are deducted. Sometimes they lose more than 600 from wages and only 100~200 is paid to the workers.”

North Korean administrators take more than 70% of workers’ salary, however, the workers’ food provisions and working conditions are very poor. They are made to work more than 14 hours a day with only a single bowl of rice and Kimchi for their meal.

Because most of the money exploited from workers’ wages ends up in the pockets of administrators or party cadres, the conditions cannot be improved. However the workers would never imagine complaining of this practice. All workers know if they object to this injustice, they will face a negative backlash from the administrators or cadres.

There are reportedly 200 North Korean workers engaged in processing raw fish in Dongang area. They were sent to China to earn foreign currency by the North Korean authority. They are treating frozen fish from Russia or fish caught by Chinese fishermen.

In winter, North Korean workers are forced to work with frozen hands, and in summer they have to deal with the hot stench of fish. They cannot receive their deserved salary or have freedom due to their strict control. They have to be stuck in intensive labor while being forced to live like slaves.

The source added, “The workers can’t go back to home or quit their job unless their contract period finishes.”  

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