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Date : May 8, 2012
Corrupt Military Police Official Killed by Civilian
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According to a source from Hyeosan, a military police official from the 10th corps of the North Korea Military Police in Hyeohwadong, Hyeosan City was killed in April after going to a citizen's house demanding money. As the story spreads, the authorities have been trying to control the impact of the situation on the already deteriorating opinion of the military. 

The victim, as related by the source inside North Korea, was in his 40s and often abused his position as a military police official to facilitate illegal business and in exchange extracted bribes from the businessmen conducting the illicit business. However, he was also known to have had inappropriate relationships with the wives of the businessmen, who are often away for long periods of time on business trips.

At the time of the murder, the official had gone to the businessman’s house to ask for additional funds after earlier receiving a bribe from the man. An argument ensued, and the angry husband brought up the affair the official had had with his wife. The argument continued to intensify until the businessman murdered the official in a fit of rage.

The source continued, “As this news has spread, the people have said that the military earns money from illegal business, and commits crimes of their own- even against women.” The source also reported that this attitude of negativity and bitterness has been spreading recently. He noted that some citizens have gone so far as to claim “The state always says we can’t survive because of the Yankees, but it’s not the Yankees. It’s our General’s military.” 

Source: ORNK

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