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Date : February 3, 2015
S.Korea urges North to take up the Human rights issues
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North Korea has been asking the United Nations to drop resolutions on the country’s human rights records days after a defector admitted parts of his story about brutal prison life were untrue.  On this, the government has issued a statement that North Korea’s argument is absolute nonsense.  

Ministry of Unification spokesperson Lim Byeong Cheol stated on February 2nd at a regular briefing, “North Korea must take up the Human Rights issues, map out specific and concrete plans for human rights improvement.

Spokesperson Lim added that “Since 2005, United Nations has constantly been making efforts to improve human rights conditions in North Korea, by bringing up North Korean Human Rights issues for discussion. The international community’s efforts to address the problem will go on.”

Criticizing Pyongyang’s refusal to talk with Seoul in January, He urged North Korea to agree to have dialogue to discuss a path for improving inter-Korean relations.

[Source: Moneytoday]

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