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Date : January 27, 2015
A North Korean official was shot to death by a Slip of Tongue
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A North Korean senior official faced execution by firing squad after he made a ‘slip of the tongue’ about the current leadership while being drunken, which is considered as a series of crimes against the state.

On January 13, Hankuk Il-bo quoted from the source that Byun in-sun, former director of operations and deputy chief of general staff department of North Korean Army convicted of blaspheming the highest dignity has reportedly been put to death recently for the crime of criticising the regime.

According to the statement by KCNA(Korean Central News Agencty), the North Korean Propaganda Media, on January 7, Byun already stepped down from his position as director of operations of general staff department, which is the core position for North Korean army. Other sources added that “There has been ongoing elimination of Jang Song-taek’s allies, as they are considered to be the potential sources of opposition.”

[Source: The KyungHyang Shinmun]

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