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Date : January 26, 2015
Dismissals Follow Soldier Murder Incident
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Dismissals Follow Soldier Murder Incident

Following the December 28th incident in which a North Korean soldier killed four residents in a Chinese border village, frosty relations with China have prompted North Korea to dismiss a number of the officers--some with very high ranks-- involved, according to sources within the country.

A soldier with the 27th brigade in Chongjin City, North Hamkyung Province crossed the border to stole money and food at a house before killing four Chinese citizens and injuring another.

Citing information released by Chinese police, the source said that the runaway soldier died from injuries sustained during his capture, was repatriated to North Korea. 

He added that It has become pretty common for the past decade that North Koren soldiers sneak across the border at night to seek food, but the timing plays an important role. “When relations with China are good they generally just let it go, but ties between China and North have been strained, so they had to go to extreme punitive measures like removing the colonel general from his position.” 

[Source: Daily NK]

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