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Date : November 8, 2014
China likely to veto North’s referral to ICC: envoy
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A month after Japan and the European Union disseminated a draft resolution in the United Nations calling for the North Korean regime to be referred to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, the Chinese ambassador to the United States hinted that his country will likely veto the motion. 

In an interview published Tuesday in Foreign Policy magazine, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai stated that “other countries, including the United States and China, should not try to interfere with domestic affairs in North Korea.”

When the publication directly asked the Chinese ambassador whether China would veto global efforts to prosecute Pyongyang at the tribunal, he fell short on offering a “yes” or “no” reply.

Cui continued that he did not think it was “helpful or constructive” for such a broad coalition of countries to be pushing ahead with a resolution to shed light on North Korea’s crimes against humanity. 

Instead, “we should focus on denuclearization and stability,” he said. 


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