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Date : October 31, 2014
North Korea Tries on the Charm to Avoid ICC Referral
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Earlier this year, international pressure on North Korea began to increase, when a U.N. report by a commission of inquiry laid out widespread abuses, including a harsh system of political prison camps holding up to 120,000 people. 

Now the European Union and Japan have teamed up on a demand for the U.N. Security Council to follow the commission of inquiry's advice and refer North Korea's situation to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In response to these actions, North Korean diplomats have begun "trying on the charm", in an attempt to halt the referral to the ICC. They have held press conferences and private briefings, they have introduced a lengthy human rights report on their own country, they have met with the EU's top human rights official and expressed interest in dialogue, they have released U.S. detainee Jeffrey Fowle, and they have even handed out name cards and suggested a "coffee meeting to exchange views."

Diplomats and observers describe the attempt at openness as both ridiculous and remarkable. It's doubtful that the attempt will persuade anyone to ease up on the pressure.


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