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Date : March 7, 2012
CECC Hearing on "China's Repatriation of North Korean Refugees"
   http://www.cecc.gov/pages/annualRpt/annualRpt11/AR2011final.pdf [1787]

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China held a hearing entitled "China's Repatriation of North Korean Refugees" on Monday, March 5.
"The Commission hearing will address the current predicament of North Korean refugees who have been detained by Chinese authorities in recent weeks. Witnesses will discuss the factors driving North Koreans to flee to China. Witnesses will also address the legality of China's forced repatriations of North Koreans and relevant humanitarian concerns."

For further details, of the event including video footage, please visit the CECC website.
Further Coverage can also be found here.

Source: The Congressional-Executive Commission on China 

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