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Date : December 11, 2013
Photos Show Scale of NK's Repressive Prison Camps
   http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/04/world/asia/north-korea-amnesty-priso… [866]
According to a recent report by human rights group Amnesty International, political prison camps in North Korea seem to be increasing in size. Amnesty released satellite images showing the construction of new housing blocks and production facilities in camps 15 and 16. In this report, Amnesty also published previously unheard testimony from witnesses. Both witnesses told of public executions in the camps. 
Amnesty claims that up to 200,000 prisoners, including children, are being held in these political prison camps. They also claim that torture, starvation, rape, and death are facts of daily life for the inmates of these camps. They have shared this information with the U.N. Commission of Inquiry investigating human rights abuses in North Korea.
Source: CNN

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