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Date : November 27, 2013
Citizens Must Pay for Food Distribution
   http://www.rfa.org/korean/in_focus/food_international_org/foodration-1… [882]
Radio Free Asia reports that the North Korean authorities have been collecting money from people for distributing food.
The source explained that in North Korea, a person with a job only pays a small amount of money to receive their food rations, but the rest of his or her family members should pay approximately 80% of the black market price for their food stuffs allotment. The source added that even though some people pay up to 80% of the black market price for their food, the quality is usually terrible. If someone’s family is denied food distribution, they also prohibited from receiving their ration, so many people reluctantly pay money so the entire family can receive food. It is reported that many North Korean people have given up on the centralized food distribution system altogether, opting to purchase their food on the black market instead.

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